*loses drink in scotland* where did my Glasgow.

Oh my god

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Aries: stop jackin off
Taurus: hoe and not ashamed of it
Gemini: fake
Cancer: crybaby ass
Leo: BIG Bitch and u fuckin kno it. u love it dont u.
Virgo: ethereal and always SO busy
Libra: basic
Scorpio: u are sleepy and powerful.
Sagittarius: probably like drinkin some healthy shit. u look good as hell too.
Capricorn: bitter
Aquarius: clean ur fingernails
Pisces: stop bein so stingy an love urself

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Angie Harmon’s voice is sex. It’s a deep, raw, primal growl of a thing. She’s got so much rasp to it you’d think you could grate parmesan on her vocal chords. So when you combine that voice with that face and that body and that hair and those big brown eyes… Jesus. I am helpless against the hot - Dorothy Snarker.



the perfect description!

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things we will never know


  • Where the real jane rizzoli is
  • how maura feels about anything
  • why maura disappears for 30 minutes each episode
  • where bass and joe are. That is animal cruelty to neglect them
  • why maura’s second floor is so appealing that Caitlin stays up there all the time
  • when jane and maura will get officially married

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5x09 It Takes a Village episode stills

Maura is always there for Jane whenever she needs her. Jane is so dumb. 

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