yourstruleyjannette said: Don't worry I'm on the same boat as you with not knowing to do with my life either,but everything's gonna be okay:)

i hope so! 

also, you guys are being so nice :) <3 

mochalattehuman said: Ellie, you are beautiful and will figure this out. I love you!

Naw Tamira :)

Anonymous said: You'll be okay ❤️

Thank you anon :)

Anonymous said: Are you still at school darling? There are always other options, like taking a gap year if you want to figure things out. And if you need to study more, maybe you could cut back on your work a bit?xxx

I’ve had a gap year :p and now I guess I’m now officially into my second year :p which is why I really need to make a decision, and I would probably have to quit leading up to exams
Yeah idk, I guess we’ll see :)

Anonymous said: You'll be absolutely fine darling!! Do you know what you'd like to do? I'm glad you're good ❤️

That’s the thing, I have no idea, I also don’t have anything that I’m good at, I’m leaning towards German but then I didn’t exactly get a good grade in that at alevel and the thought of retaking all of that again is D: but then I know I need to work hard if I want to get anywhere, but finding the time with working as well.. Ahh I’m freaking out a little :s

Anonymous said: How are you my lovely?

Oh, hello anon!
I’m good! I’m just trying to see if there is a course I could start and then also thinking about uni and lots of stuff like that and it’s hard… :/
But when I’m not thinking about this, I’m good :)

I don’t know what in doing with my life, haha it’s awesome

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teacher: maybe we should move the test?

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